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The “All.”

An immaterial concept that manifested itself through the creation of energy. Within the all was contained everything. An infinite infinity. The All became unstable and separated into an uncountable number of shards, each of which retained but a shard of the infinite knowledge contained within it’s father.

These pieces of All each shot off in an axis independent of its brothers, looking to father its own universe. These pieces of All eventually came to call themselves Architects, for they created the domain in which they would dwell. In doing so, however, they needed to transfer pieces of their energy into creating their dimensions. This sacrifice left them in a weakened state, and thus they collapsed into a dormant state.

A miniscule stone, known as the world stone, the source of all life and energy of the universe. A massive cataclysm was born of this spacial collapse, leaving behind a wake that shook the Architects domain to its core.

In a millennium fragments of the cataclysm began to coalesce into massive gaseous forms.

In an Eon these fragments began to think and create. These became known as the Lawkeepers of the universe. And each Architect’s Lawkeepers were unique from one another, based on the identity they retained from the all.

Our story takes place in an unnamed universe on the Planet of Cylas, where the worldstone resides.

Cylas is lorded over by 9 unique Lawkeepers, or “Gods” as the mortals refer to them. For each of these 9 gods, there is also a corresponding “race of the wise,” or rather a group of sentient species capable of using magic. The nine wise races are as follows:Orc, Elf, Human, Gnome, Dwarf, Sharkin, Dragon, Giant, Goblin.

There are of course other sentient races on this planet, they however do not have access to magic based on the arcane.

Each of these 9 races has control over different parts of the planet of Cylas, and within each race are there fragmented groups.

You all find yourselves gathered together on the continent of Nuna’Seratus, a relatively newly settled continent, having originally been home to only the Sharkin and Goblin races 5,000 years ago. Today, races of all walks have found a foothold in the grab for land, resources, and power. There has even been rumors of an ancient weapon discarded by the gods, something that is rumored to give its user complete power over the world, and what’s more is that some say it has already been found.

Tensions begin to mount as this information makes its way through to each kingdom, become more diluted and twisted with each passing day.

When there is no clear enemy to your state, to whom will you swear your fealty, and to whom will you turn your back as political upheaval threatens to sweep away the carefully maintained peace that the people of this land have so striven for?



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