Orcs come from one of two regions

1. Clan of Blood & Death regions

  • Population: 100,000
Most Orcs that belong to this clan live as travelling Nomads in the northeastern section of the continent, typically using force & savagery to take from others what they want or what they need. The most “permanent” settlement for this clan is known as Thresh, which is less of a settlement and more of a convenient staging area for the Orcs to steal and pillage from the Fanith elves.

Blood & Death Orcs have a dark green skin tone.

  • Blood & Death Orcs receive the following bonuses:
    +Bonus 20 feet to their darkvision
    +Slight of hand is always a class skill

2. The Mariners of Lach’Ron, “The Civil Orcs.”

  • Population: 100,000
These orcs are descendants of a tribe who bargained with the sea godess Lacquia to teach them how to master steel. While not any less ferocious than the nomadic Blood & Death Clan, they are more disciplined, honorable & poignant. Mariner Orcs have a “gray” hue to them as a result of their bargain with Lacquia.
  • Mariner Orcs receive the following bonuses:
    +Profession(sailing) is always a class skill for them and receives a +1 bonus
    +All Mariner Orcs are proficient with the longsword


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