Humans are from one of two different kingdoms:
1. Westcity, home of the men of the west

  • Population: 45,000
Westcity and its two surrounding villages, “Northeast” and “South” are primarily agriculturally based with addition of a seaport in Westcity.

Humans from this land identify themselves as both hardy & healthy. Westmen are most prideful of hardwork & effort.

Humans of the westlands are noticeably darker than their cousins from Mithron

  • Westcity humans receive the following bonuses:
    +2 on fortitude saves to resist disease
    +Survival is always a class skill

2. The united providences of the Mithron Empire, “Mithron”

  • Population: 400,000

The Mithron Empire has the largest military presence in Nuna’Seratus. As a result they control the largest territory in Southern Nuna’Seratus. Only do the dragons & men of the west control more land. But no other lands are as lucrative as the fields the Mithron controls.

The Mithron empire has 3 distinct levels of societal status:

  • Commoner: This inlcudes farmers, infantrymen, sailors, and apprentices. The common folk are most like the men of the west.
  • Artisans: This includes Officer ranked soldiers and knights, professional and master craftsmen, and Wizards and Clerics. The Artisans are typically more scrupulous and thrifty than commoners, but good-hearted people in general.
  • Nobility: This includes the Royal family (whichever family happens to be sitting on the throne at the time) and the Dukes/Duchesses in control of the surrounding towns. Members of Nobility are typically more self-centered & detached from reality.

All Mithronites are noticeably more pale than their cousins to the north

  • Mithron Humans receive the following bonuses:
    +Appraise is always a class skill
    +1 to knowledge royalty/nobility


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