Elves are of one of two different settlements:

1. The Fanith Forest/The Verdant Mire

  • Population: 15,000
The fanith elves are a proud, stubborn people. They view all non-Fanith elves with a disdain bordering prejudice. Fanith elves value personal accomplishment & talent above all else. Due to a recent war with the Dwarves and Men of the West, their population has been sundered and they’ve been driven even deeper into their homeland. This has resulted in a recent (read: 300 years ago) increase in social status of sages & lore masters. All Fanith Elves bear a symbol upon their flesh to differentiate them from Mithrin Elves.
  • Fanith Elves receive the following bonuses:
    +1 on attack checks with all short bows and long bows
    +Stealth is always a class skill

2. The Mithrin Forest/The elven Kingdom

  • Population: 100,000
The Mithrin Elves are an ancient people who value peace & equilibrium in the world. That being said, they also are home to the deadliest order of Rangers in Nuna’Seratus. Mithrin Elves take more advantage of their long-lived lives, typically using that time to master several crafts, study the philosophies or arts, or to travel aloof about the country.
  • Mithrin Elves receive the following bonuses:
    +Craft and perform are always class skills


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