Dragons in Nuna’Seratus are descendants of two possible blood lines:

1. Chromatic Dragons

  • Population: 6,000
Chromatic dragons are either Black, White, Red, Green, or Blue.

Chromatic dragons have been at ends with the metallic dragons since before they arrived to Nuna’Seratus due to clashing values and beliefs. Chromatic Dragons value independence and freedom, and loath civil obedience and strict rigidity.

Chromatic dragons reside on the island just to the south of Nuna’Seratus alongside the Stoneflesh Giant clan under a tedious alliance that has only lasted 100 years. From this island they mount their war on the Metallics to the northwest and are able to feed on livestock on the southern coast of the continent

2. Metallic Dragons

  • Population: 6,000

Metallic Dragons are either Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold or Silver

Metallic dragons’ values are quite the opposite of the Chromatics. A metallic dragon values structure, law, and civil peace. They loath anarchy and spontaneity

Metallic Dragons reside on the western-most island alongside the peaceful Bouldercloud Giant Clan and the wizard’s guild. The Metallic Dragons are able to enjoy peaceful relations and trading with the Mithrin elves as well. They are plagued only by the Chromatic Dragons from the south.

NOTE: There are no bonuses for dragons since I doubt any players will be playing as dragons



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