God of Earth

  • Pronounced “Ooh-Moose,” he is the keeper of Earth. This includes matter, volumetric space and flesh.
  • He is most commonly revered by stonecutter dwarves, the mithrill men & Boulder-Cloud Clan Giants
  • His title is The Smith, though many others exist.
  • When he appears to mortals he chooses one of the following forms:
    -A massive brown elephant
    -A talking mountain
    -A large faceless humanoid
  • His favored weapon is the Warhammer
  • His domains are: Earth, Strength, Protection and Artifice

Humus is a stoic & wise God. He is most impressed by feats of craftsmanship, such as monuments & soul-crafted* items.

*The process in which an artisan magically imbues an inanimate object (typically theirMagnum Opus) with a piece of his own soul.


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